What is a HydraFacial?


A HydraFacial is a treatment that uses patented technology (a medical-grade device) to cleanse, extract, and hydrate skin[2]. It clears dead skin cells, loosens pores, and preps them for extraction using a mix of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and botanical extracts. Then, it uses a unique vacuum-powered extraction method to remove “gunk” from the skin in a virtually painless procedure. 


It’s all made possible thanks to a double-helix vortex treatment wand. One chamber of the wand draws dead skin cells and dirt from the skin while the other pumps the skin full of soothing nutrients (hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and growth factors). Basically, your skin is freshly cleared for deeper penetration. It’s essentially a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask all in one.


More extensive HydraFacial treatments can also include features such as:

  • LED light therapy

  • Oxygen

  • And more targeted add-ons and boosters.


So, why are HydraFacials loved by patients worldwide? There are five well-known benefits that every patient can expect. 


No Downtime with a HydraFacial


In just around 30 minutes, a HydraFacial can give you clearer, more radiant skin with little to zero irritation, meaning virtually no downtime. According to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, who spoke with Refinery 29[3], “The treatment has become extremely popular because it has virtually no downtime and can improve skin glow, hydration, and radiance in just 30 minutes.”


No special preparation is required, and patients can return to their normal activities (including wearing makeup) immediately after treatment. Best yet, you’ll witness a camera-ready reduction in visible pores and fine lines with better skin texture, firmness, and a brighter, glowing complexion.


HydraFacial Works on Sensitive Skin


HydraFacials avoid causing excessive redness (dilating blood vessels in the skin) by not using pore-softening steam. This means that the treatment even works for individuals with sensitive skin. And since vacuum-powered extraction is used instead of manual squeezing or lancing of the skin, individuals with sensitive skin can enjoy a deep clean without inflammation.


In addition, a HydraFacial can be dialed-in and customized for an array of skin concerns depending on the patient’s needs. Whether you’re a teenager with acne or an older patient with sun damage and hyperpigmentation, it can work for you. The only individuals who should avoid a HydraFacial are those with active rashes, sunburns, or rosacea.


The HydraFacial Procedure is Virtually Painless


Because liquid is deposited with every swipe of the treatment wand (which is a smooth, plastic-tipped wand), patients will never feel scraping or skin pulling. There’s no needling, pinching, abrasion, or anything else. The process is very gentle without any uncomfortable burning or unpleasant reactions. In fact, many patients find treatment enjoyable and relaxing. 


It should be noted that the treatment does use gentle acids (7.5% glycolic acid[4] and 2.5% salicylic acid[5]), so there might be a slight tingle, but that should be it. A HydraFacial is a feel-good experience that many patients compare to the sensation of a light massage.


The Result is Younger-looking, Glowing, Healthier Skin


The treatment works instantly on visible pores and fine lines. Patients will witness enhanced firmness and improved texture and complexion, immediately, and they’ll see all their blackheads vanish without a trace. You can expect to leave your HydraFacial treatment with a brighter complexion and glowing skin.


Overall, a HydraFacial can be used to address a variety of skin care needs, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Elasticity and firmness

  • Even tone and vibrancy

  • Skin texture

  • Brown spots

  • Oily and congested skin

  • Enlarged pores.


The HydraFacial produces consistent results that patients can count on time and time again. It’s reliably safe and effective at improving the current condition of your skin. And by providing an infusion of essential vitamins, moisture, and antioxidants to your skin, it helps fight the early signs of aging and protects from environmental pollution and harmful free radicals.


The HydraFacial Treatment is Customizable


The specific formulation of ingredients in your HydraFacial serum can do everything from specifically target dark spots and sun damaged areas to addressing fine lines and skin tone evenness, diminishing wrinkles, and brightening skin tone. Based on your needs, you can ask your skincare professional to calibrate your treatment to your exact issues.


“What I love about HydraFacial is how customizable it is to each patient’s unique skin concerns,” Deanne Robinson, M.D., told Glamour Magazine[6]. “It’s a great treatment for all ages and skin types, from oily, acne-prone teenagers to more mature skin battling fine lines and pigmentation problems.”


HydraFacials are performed with unique, one-of-a-kind (award-winning) super serums made of nourishing ingredients. These ingredients[7] include glycerin, Oligopeptide-68, nonapeptide-1, diglucosyl gallic acid, n-acetyl glucosamine, growth factors, octapeptide-3, palmitoyl dipeptides-5, vitamin C, and alpha-arbutin. 


Depending on the exact combination of ingredients your skin care professional chooses, you’ll get the results you want.


Final Thoughts


A HydraFacial is such a popular treatment because you get fantastic results without all the side effects typically associated with deep skin treatments. Compared to microdermabrasion, peels, and micro-needling, it is a painless procedure that can be completed in 30 minutes with no downtime. This makes it ideal for individuals who want healthy, beautiful skin immediately. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s monthly skin routine.



30 minutes

This express treatment includes Cleanse & Peel, Extract & Hydrate. Removes dead skin and debris while infusing skin with peptides and finishes off with a Hydrojelly mask. This treatment is ideal for all skin types, especially acne-prone, with a strong focus on educating young individuals about the importance of skincare.




45 minutes

Deeply cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin through our super serums filled with the antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. 




60 minutes

These invigorating treatments include all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial while addressing the specific skin concerns through HydraFacial 's boosters and protocols. 

hydrafacial ctgf.png


Improves the appearance of skin tone, texture and elasticity.

CTGF is infused into the skin to help stimulate collagen, promote firmness and overall elasticity to reduce signs of ageing.

This serum works hard to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to rejuvenate the overall texture and tone of your skin.

Naturally occurring growth factors are the main ingredient in this potent serum, and they will help to bring your skin back to its youthful state.

This serum works best when added to your Hydrafacials every 4 weeks.




Minimize the appearance of dark spots.

The Britenol Boost: 

  • Brightens and balances skin tone while minimizing the appearance of darks spots and sun spots.


  • Alpha-Arbutin: Brightening agent

  • Vitamin C: Antioxidant

  • Bearberry Extract: Brightener


Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 4.58.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 5.22.46 PM.png



Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Dermabuilder Boost: 

  • Helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity.


  • Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl: Peptide

  • Hydroxythreonine: Peptide

  • Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diamionhydroxybutyrate: Peptide



Reduces congestion.

Blue Light Therapy Helps: 

  • Target and disrupt p. acnes bacteria

  • Improve the appearance of oily and congested skin



60 minutes

The ultimate HydraFacial experience. Begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage. Follow with the Signature HydraFacial to deeply cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin. Address specific skin concerns with a booster of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging 






Use LED Red and Blue Lights to enhance your HydraFacial treatment. These lights target and kill acne bacteria and help combat congested and oily skin. 



Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 5.39.11 PM.png