Facials are beneficial for all skin types, and particularly for people who are experiencing skin problems (such as acne or signs of aging). In general, a facial should be done at least four times a year, as each season changes. However, the best plan is to clear time and get a facial once each month. That way, when your new skin cells have been generated, the dead cells can be exfoliated. Facials have become exceedingly popular, as more people realize the health benefits they have to offer.



Nuceiva contains Prabotulinumtoxin A, a safe and effective drug for cosmetic purposes. Nuceiva works by blocking the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. By relaxing muscles under the skin, Nuceiva prevents certain muscle movements and as a result smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

Nuceiva can be used in a variety of areas including horizontal lines on the forehead, vertical lines between the eyes, and crows feet.

Nuceiva Quick Facts

  • Nuceiva results last 3 -4 months

  • You will see full results from your Nuceiva treatment after 7 - 10 days.

  • Nuceiva treats lines and wrinkles by preventing muscle movements.

  • Nuceiva appointments are approximately 30 minutes and are generally very well tolerated.

How long do the results of a Nuceiva treatment last?

Nuceiva typically lasts 120-140 days, however how long Nuceiva lasts varies from person to person. People often book their next appointment in 3 1/2 to 4 months.

What are Nuceiva Treatments Like at Nouveau?

Most people describe Nuceiva treatments as quick and comfortable. 

Your injector will start by discussing your ideal outcome and assessing your musculature to identify the correct dosage and placement of Nuceiva for you. Next they will cleanse the treatment site and begin treatment. Temporary swelling and minimal redness may occur post treatment, this will dissipate within a couple of hours.

You will begin to see the effects of your Nuceiva treatment within the next seven days.

When to Consider Nuceiva 

  • Deep lines between your eyes make you look tired, angry, sad, or upset.

  • Your facial expressions have caused static wrinkles (wrinkles that are still present when you are not expressing) to form.

  • You would like to prevent wrinkles from forming.

Nuceiva is provided exclusively by our specially trained Doctors and Registered Nurses at Nouveau Laser and Aesthetic Centre.


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Natural-looking. Fast-acting. Long-lasting.

Don’t let your frown lines between your eyebrows define you. For adults who want a natural look, Dysport is a natural-looking, fast-acting1-3, long-lasting1,2,4 prescription injection proven to help smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows—without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face.

Dysport is approved in 69 countries5 and has 25 years of clinical experience worldwide.6* Find out why 97% of women treated with Dysport say they’d do it again.7†‡

How does Dysport work?

One injection. Five points.

Dysport temporarily treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by reducing specific muscle activity.

Wrinkles are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions.7 One injection into each of the 5 points between and above the eyebrows temporarily prevents muscle contractions that cause frown lines.

In other words: natural-looking results that look and feel like you.

Results when you need them.

You’ve got better things to do than think about what your frown lines look like. The majority of users¶ see improvement in just 2-3 days after treatment. In just one 10- to 20-minute treatment, Dysport may help improve the look of your frown lines between the eyebrows for up to 5 months.2-4‖ Results of repeat treatments may be comparable to your first use. Another plus? There is minimal downtime after your treatment, which means you can get back to your day faster.

Dysport is provided exclusively by our specially trained Doctors and Registered Nurses at Nouveau Laser and Aesthetic Centre.


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